Mike Crone Art & Design

WE ARE a bold new design studio based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
We create bright, engaging, multi-faceted work across all aspects of design and communication.
We value hand-crafted and originally created design to give our clients a bespoke image
and voice to stand out in a highly competitive world.



Complete design Service

Mike Crone Art & Design (MCAD) offers a complete design service, deliverable in a package attuned to your needs and adaptable to changing markets and developments.

We are small, to provide a highly personalised proposition, offering a dedicated service to a select number of clients, not just a name on a long agency list. We scale our team with trusted partnerships, using some of the best talent to match client ambition and specialist project requirements.

This provides a dynamic partner model for our clients: bespoke original design, personal service and relationship to develop with your business, scalable output in-line with your ambition. All at a far lower cost to you.

We have over 25 years industry experience, working with some of the world’s top companies, partnering on a multitude of outputs, from large publications to carefully synchronised multi-venue launch events. The list is extensive. So we understand the needs of some of the biggest clients around, we know our stuff.

We continue to learn and expand our portfolio of services, in view of changing trends and developments in technology.

We can partner with you and your company for all or any of the following services:

Illustration and Graphics creation
Motion Graphics and Animation
Print-based Design
Digital Design
Brand Development
Visualisation and scamping

Presentation Design
Multi-faceted Advertising campaigns
Building and Event Design
Bespoke Content creation
Desk drops and Corporate gifting
Project Management



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